Monday, November 17, 2008

Bump in the road

I do take pictures, really I do. I just don't get them off the camera very often. If it were the "old style" film cameras I would really have some film cartridges stacking up around here! So here are a couple of Mighty Mouse while I tell you more about him.

We are going to the Doc. here in town again today to see about adjusting Mighty's meds. He had a couple more seizures on Friday and again Saturday. Called the "on call" pediatrician and he upped the dosage a bit for Mighty. Of course first we had to tell him all of Mighty's story because it was one of the few Docs associated with the practice who didn't know anything about him yet. (There is one more that we haven't spoken to yet, I'm sure we will get her the next time we have to call after hours and have to explain everything again!)

Really, we just want a concrete plan for what to do when/if Mighty has more seizures. Up the dosage? Give some meds right away? Give two doses a day instead of the one at night? He is growing so much already that he has probably grown out of the small dosage they had prescribed at first. (He is already 10 lbs 12 oz - that was on Friday before he turned 2 weeks!!) So he has gained a pound already... such a good eater! But, what does that do to his meds if he still needs them on a bigger level. I understand being cautious and not prescribing too much, but having him have a seizure every other day or so is scary and gets to be that you don't want to put him down or ever let him out of your sight when he is awake... and I've got three other kids (one that still needs his diaper changed, too) to take care of!!

The seizures on Friday evening and Saturday morning were much shorter in duration and were "fairly" easy to revive him from. The one Saturday night was longer, as was the one Sunday night at at least 1 min 30 seconds. With the shorter ones D and I thought it might just be not enough meds to hold them completely off (with our highly medical background - ha!) but maybe needs even more after the longer episodes. Maybe we need to go back and get another loading dose to "charge him back up"? I'll let you know after the appt. today.

So, other than that, he is a happy, healthy baby. No complaints. He likes to eat, he likes to sleep, he likes to be awake and look around. The other three l-o-v-e him and want to hold him all the time. I will try to keep posting pictures and updates more quickly... we just have a little going on around here! :-)

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Annie said...

He's so adorable! I hope his seizures stop! It sure sounds like he has good care, tho...something to be grateful for....