Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New Normal

Well, we have started life at home with our four beautiful children. It is so nice to be home; all together. The New Normal.

And it is the old normal. I got the two older kids to school - both on time! :-) Unfortunately it was pouring down rain in the afternoon to pick up the kids. I haven't been out in that hard drenching rain for quite some time. (My shoes were not adequate for the rain and had water running through my toes, eww!) Good thing I had both the car seat and the stroller to protect Baby Might Mouse from all that rain! But I do see I need to ScotchGuard both canopies.

Grammy left around noon today, sob. She got lunches ready then had to catch the ferry. Big D was at work all day today catching up after getting home from Seattle, but all was well with the kiddos and baby so the day went well. I am feeling extremely tired right now and am hoping to go to bed after the 7pm feeding/8pm meds.

Still, I am feeling "ahead", I guess because I am coming home with a 10 day old baby instead of a 2 day old baby. That is nice. We were able to get good feedings right away at the hospitals without interruptions (read: refereeing the other kids, etc.) He is already on a fairly good schedule - approx. 3 hours between feedings, except after the meds at 8pm where he does get pretty sleepy and goes more like 4 1/2 hours between feedings - fine with me - more sleep time!!

I wonder what tomorrow holds? (Maybe some picture posting... no promises.)


Our growing family said...

glad to her it is going well!!!

Heather Christine said...

Glad to hear you are all home safe and sound, if not just a little wet!! It does seem like April and not November.

Melissa said...

Thank goodness all is well with Baby Mighty Mouse!!! We are so happy the little guy is doing well and your family can return to "normalcy". Can't wait to meet our newest nephew! Give him smooches from his uncle and auntie!

Carrie said...

Jenny, I just read over your blogs, I had not heard all you have been going through...I will be praying for ALL of you!!! Take care and I'll check in soon.

Annie said...

Wonderful to hear you are all home together!


Angel said...

Great to meet you today!