Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Home ... Again

OK, so we are scheduled to be released (again) this afternoon!

The MRI was clear - no abnormalities in the brain.

The EEG was normal - nothing found in this test.

There have been no more "episodes" (seizures) since the phenobarbitol has been used, so the current meds are what we will keep him on as we go home. We will be giving it to Michael orally at home.The neurologist and other docs still aren't sure why these seizures happened - which believe it or not is a good thing. If they could diagnose it at this point, it would most likely be a major disorder or disease and we don't want that! Currently the thought is just benign infant epilepsy - also sometimes called "5th Day Fits" where newborns can have seizures around days 4 - 7 that dissapear after that, though that doesn't explain the first couple days' episodes.

Whatever it is / was, we are thankful that this medicine ("peanut butter balls": phenobarbitol) has been stopping the episodes and that they can't find anything else to treat or to look at. All other tests for infections have come back negative, so he is also off the antibiotics as well.

We will keep you posted on his status as we are at home and he grows. The plan is to keep him on the current doesage of meds and not increase them as he is growing, almost like automatic weaning... then have a 6 week checkup (is that at Christmas??!) and hopefully start slowly decreasing the rest of it and get him fully off the medication shortly.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts through this time, we are happy to be going home! ...Grammy will be happy to be going home, too, I'm sure!!! :-)

I might have to go home and make some Peanutbutter Balls.

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Our growing family said...

so glad to hear of this! I was heartbroken!
praise the Lord!