Monday, November 10, 2008

Small Update

So I'm not sure if it is a good thing or not, but we have been moved to a private room. The reason is that they are now considering Michael to be "infectious" until they rule out Pertussis. Nobody really thinks he has it, but they are trying to rule out as many things as possible. So, we now have our own room with a couch bed instead of the chair (twin) bed. Yah! They will be doing a nose swab soon to check for the "Whooping Cough" soon. (I guess since Whidbey Island had that outbreak not too long ago, they are just being cautious.)

Michael is in the MRI right now. They thought it would take 45 mins - 1 hr. and then the docs would have the results to give us maybe an hour after that. He is also scheduled for an EEG (testing brain waves I think?) later on after the mild sedative wears off from the MRI. We will be seeing the neurologists maybe a couple times today. Strange to say that!

Still a waiting game to see what is going on. On the bright side, he went through all yesterday afternoon/evening and last night without any episodes after getting the "peanut butter balls" (slang for phenobarbital) so we are hope full that the medicine is working on stopping whatever is going on. He wasn't that sleepy so I was able to nurse him no problem. Praise God - he is getting what he needs.

Will update when we know any more!


The Pierce Family said...

Hi Jenny. Thank you for keeping us updated on Michael. We are all thinking about you. Gretchen just called and wanted to know if I had heard anything- I told her to check your website:) I am glad to hear that Michael is eating and that you might have a place to sleep...Is there anything I can do? If you can think of anything that I could do from my house, I would be happy to do it! Does Michael get to wear regular clothes while he is there? Do you have to supply the PJ's for him? I was thinking that if he needed some pajamas, I could send some??? Just let me know!

ghaley said...

Hi Jen and family,
Just a quick note to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and our prayers! I can't imagine what a hard spot you all are in. We will continue to send you our love and keep you in our hearts as you find out more information.
Love, always,
Gretchen, Carri, Gracie Ella & Josef

Our growing family said...

praying!!! what a blessing for a private room!

JJJ @ said...

He is in tiny hospital gowns... cute if he weren't here!! I have been taking pictures, but haven't been able to get them on here yet.

We don't need anything else right now...

...although I am running out of yarn and Darin will be running to town to buy a new pair of jeans today. (There is laundry, but the jeans he was wearing when we came down has holes so...)

Kristina said...

i always think that the little hospital gowns are so cute...but then i think that real clothes are probably cuter. our gowns have clowns on them, what do michael's gowns have on them? how was the mri? and the eeg? did they start antibiotics, too?
i'm thinking of you guys...let me know if i can do anything from chicago!!