Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Month Check-up & Other...

Went to the doc yesterday for Mighty's one month check-up one (week late). Got him undressed and the nurse thought maybe he was 4 months old; he's so big.

OK, here are the stats:

weight: 14 lb 5 oz
height: 24"

(My cousin's girl just had her 6 month checkup and was just over 14 pounds and just over 24"!)

Still weaning off the phenobarbital, today is the last day at 4 mL (2mL twice a day) and moving down to 3 mL (1.5 mL twice a day) tomorrow. Also doc upped the dose of the generic Zantac to 1.4 mL. He has grown so much she didn't want to have him weaning off both meds at once so we would not be confused if he did have anymore episodes which med it might be related to.

So, still no seizures/episodes for, what, almost three weeks now? I think that is right. Yay!
And that is the update on Mighty.

On another note:

From a book I am reading: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

I don't want to plan to fail! So I have been trying to get an ongoing type of to-do list, rating things from most important to least to get done. Or at least what neeeds to get done today and by the end of the week. Because if it is just a passing thought in my head "oh, I really need to get to that" it probably won't happen - I will space it, but if it is on a list that I see over and over it will bug me enough to get done and crossed off.

It is kinda like the Dave philosophy that if you don't tell your money where to go, you will wonder where it went! (Hmmm, just like your time!)

So, I am off to check the list. ...and probably change a diaper. I do that a lot, too.

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