Thursday, December 4, 2008

Has anyone ever...

...taken a look at this book? I saw it on another blog and thought it looked interesting, just wondering if any of you have it or have taken a look at it?

We are not a homeschooling family (so far, though we do try to be learning/teaching/involved all the time), but the scheduling part, esp. with 4 kids now, looks very intriguing! I tend to be a scheduler anyway, but having a resource to help catch everything might be nice? (You can click on the book picture to go to their website.) Maybe I can pull enough out of it from the Table of Contents to make something work for us?

I realize just having the schedule isn't enough and the actual implementation of it is key. It is just hard to remember everything and get it in there on the list. I have heard of homeschooling moms taking a weekend "off" (or even just a day) where they go to a hotel by themselves in the summer before starting school to "pull it all together" and plan their school year/schedules and I was thinking how nice that sounds -- to be able to have peace and quiet to remember everything... of course by this time I just may need the chaos to think! Maybe I could have just 1/2 of a day to "pull it all together", but right now, I would probably just sleep!!!!!

I'm also looking into various "organizing" books and homemaking and mother/daughter type books, some from the blog I referenced earlier. (Probably good to teach H-girl some girly things since the house is now full of boys!!) I just can't seem to get more than a couple things done in a week. This includes every chore there is. Only a couple each week. Seriously. I know some of you probably vacuum twice a day and mop more, but that doesn't happen here. My poor husband. Hopefully I can get it together (...hmmm there a theme here??) now that I am not pregnant and get this house into shape. It would be nice after 10 years that a wife could get her house in order!!

Maybe you should pray for my husband.

The poor man.


Angel said...

We have not used that book, but we have LOVED other books from that ministry (Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit, the Moody books). I have a lot of homeschooling friends who LOVE this book, I am just not a scheduler.

Our growing family said...

this book looks interesting...I feel like I'm like you: I love to organize it's just keep the schedule...part of it is good right now that I don't have a tight schedule as with nursing sometimes they need to eat a little early/late, kids tend to take a long time at some things, ya know! But I would probably enjoy reading it!
Your hubby has a better wife than you realize if you are noticing what you should work on and are trying to become a better wife/mother/child of God,etc!
I hope you arn't too hard on yourself too! =) For goodness sakes, you JUST had a baby and things are finally starting to settle down from the medical problems!
Have a great day!!

JJJ said...

Yes, nursing and random diapers do cause a kink in things :-) I'll have to ask around church and see if anyone there has seen this book. I think it is just a matter of thinking everything out and writing it down... it's just that it seems they have already thought it out for you.

Angel- I'm surprised with all your home organization you aren't a scheduler, too. Maybe those of us that aren't so organized need the schedule to keep things going and those that are organized don't need a schedule because everything is already in place?!! :-)