Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow

So we have had about 12" of snow over the last week or so. We only had a little wind last night, but it did blow our snow around a bit.

I have had cabin fever. Had friends over today who also had cabin fever. Dads took the kiddos out sledding, so they ALL were worn out by the end of today.

I finally got to take a ride in the new truck - thank God for 4x4! No problem getting "to town" and back. Had to make the WalMart trip. Plus pizza for dinner - hooray!

Tomorrow means a trip for Big D and Nana to B'ham to pick up Sister and her husband from NV. I'm home with the kids again tomorrow... nowhere to go. Akk! I just want to be able to drive in it again by myself. It's that independent thing I guess.

Should turn to rain at some point, but is snowing tonight since around 4pm. Not sure how long this low 30s/20s temps will last. More snow every time the moisture comes back... ugh.

But I still love snow!! :-)

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