Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our "Farm" Adventure

There are 14 little chicks... hens we hope. Wyandotte and Black Sex Link. These first pictures are from the first day we got them from the Country Store. I think there were about one week old then.
These pictures were taken on 4/8/09. They have grown quite a bit! You can clearly see their feathers coming out now, and their combs are starting to show better.

They are really starting to fill up this space, so Big D is working on their next home.
Do you see the one in the middle? I think it is a different kind... a slightly different coloring than the rest of them. I hope it's not a rooster!!!! ;-) More updates to come.

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Carrie said...

These are fun pictures. Looks like the kiddos were super excited about the chicks. Hey I looked for you on Facebook just now but did not find you. If you think about it next time your on look me up. I'm gald to hear you are all doing well, that is good news! I'm here in Salem, it's already been one week. I have been meeting new people. It's a day by day thing and it will take time to feel at home. Take care.