Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Health Class Statistic

OK, so you see that little info on the side there about having three kids age three and under? You also see the little quote about being "done" unless "God had other plans"? Well... never, NEVER, count God out!

Yes, it seems that come Octobers end, we will have four kids age five and under!!!! Oh my goodness! As if we didn't have enough going on in our lives right now. Let's just throw a little something else into the mix.

OK, so you know those "protection" percentages they always list? You know in health class or on the packages, or on those magazine adds? Well, we know first hand now about those percentages. We are that 20% failure rate for a certain kind of protection.

I guess I need that cute maternity T-shirt that says "No, it wasn't planned." Or this one from Cafepress.com:

So, anyway, we are all happy. Especially H. She is looking forward to a girl. We won't know for a couple months the sex of the baby, but she is hoping! Ben is excited, but is unsure what is really going to happen I think.

I am thirteen weeks along so things are going well. Of course since it is number four I look like I am six months along! (Well, maybe that is just my hormones thinking, but I definitely need the maternity already!!) Maybe I'll have to get this shirt nearer the end:

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