Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garden Update

I thought that since this blog is supposed to be about fabrics and gardens and other items, I better put in something about the "gardens" here... or the unfortunate lack there of!
OK, so there isn't much of a flower garden here. We haven't been here long enough where I haven't been pregnant or with a new baby long enough to really do anything. Well, that is my excuse anyway!

Here is the one thing I had done earlier. Here is the one "before" picture I can find. Kind of rugged! Now look at the second one when I was part way through clearing it out... look at how tall that grass and weeds had gotten on the edge there and through the rocks! Yikes. Well, it all got planted that year (2006 I am sad to say) and looked nice, though bare. The bulbs have been coming up nicely, but has needed filling in.

So winter came again and so did the lack of attention and of course the weeds. I finally got out and weeded the ever growing collection of unnecessary plant species in the area (took two days of naptimes) . D will be spraying the grass in the rocks and on the gravel. I think it is looking nicer. Too bad I didn't get a picutre of the earlier tulips and daffs. They looked great this spring.
I imagine it growing with lush things like hostas and ferns, but there just isn't enough water - especially in the summer since I really don't water out there at all. You see this is a big maple tree that lets about zero summer rain through its huge leaf canopy. I put the periwinkle in for filler and some color and I know I will regret it at some point, but it looks nice right now. Maybe if I just keep up on it and keep it trimmed. I know I have already yanked it out of the previous house we had because it was so unruly! Ah, live and learn possibly.

If only I could have had time to do something with this patch under the evergreens. I'm sure the hostas and ferns would have grown under there, mixed with some rhodies, some lily of the valley... OK, you get the idea!

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