Monday, May 12, 2008

I gave up.

I have given up. I couldn't stand it anymore and I bought some plants for the house... which house I'm not sure yet since they won't be going in the ground here. (You know, with the "future" move and all.) They are now in new pots (wow - it was sunny today and like over 60 deg.!!) and I am slowly taking a couple plants here and there out of the ground and replacing them with near-by not as desirable to take plants so as not to really show that something is "missing" just maybe moved around a bit.

You see, we had decided that it was futile to do anything with the garden/grounds this spring because of the upcoming move. Just a waste of time and money. But when it is in your blood you just can't not want to do SOMETHING!!! So I gave up. I had to do somthing!! I am now in a happier place. :-)

In case you are wondering, the new plants are one Catmint - good for butterflys (Nepeta 'Walker's Low' - 2007 Perenial of the Year) and 3 Lupines (Lupinus 'Gallery Pink') which actually have two good starts in each and I was able to divide one pack this time, and possibly the others next time (if they need a bigger pot, or will wait 'till next year) but didn't think they were strong enough to yank apart yet.

So had a great weekend and a great Mother's Day. Took Nana and Grandpa J with Uncle B and Aunt M from Sac down to Greenbank Farm for a walk around and the Master Gardener's Plant Sale (a little dissapointing but we were there two hours after it started so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that the "good" plants were already taken). On Sunday had a big "farm" breakfast at home and then the girls went to the Hummingbird Farm and Nursery and it was there that I got inspired (well, you know, it doesn't take much.) I had to buy something! Nana also purchased but she had been the previous recipiant of a gift certificate so she was not set back.

So now my deck is a miss-mash of containers of different sizes and colors and shapes and not looking great at all. I'm not sure how to arrange them to look better w/o buying MORE plants!! I guess I will just be praying that they will have a new home soon enough. Maybe that 20 acre farm... that would give them just enough room to spread out. Ha. Maybe I should seperate them into color groups or foliage forms or size of pots to make better arrangements in the corners? I haven't really done that much container gardening so I might have to look that up. Hopefully we won't be here all summer and I can get these plants in the ground --somewhere--!!

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