Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Green Stuff: Shopping Bags

Please view this slideshow about plastic bags.

I don't know how many plastic bags you bring home from the grocery store every week.
I have counted as many as 24 coming into our house - from one trip!
Are you a good steward of the Earth God has given us?

I am now convicted and want to make some grocery bags. Until I get it done I will be taking some tote bags we have hanging around here that just seem to show up - where do they all come from?? More fun to make them of fabrics I already have - I'm hoping not buy anything for this project... you know, reduce, reuse... As a former fabric stroe employee, it isn't like I don't have any fabric laying around here!! Of course it is boxed up at the storage unit, but that is another discussion! I think it would be neat to make them of fun fabrics, maybe inspire more people to do the same? I saw one bag example that had a transfer on it (or maybe it was painted on?) saying "I'm so glad I'm not plastic!!"

Here are some links for patterns to make your own grocery shopping bags:
A big link with 35 ideas for sewing, knitting or crocheting your new grocery bags:
Now get busy! ;-), you know I was talking to me, right?

Can you believe that ESPRIT bag has been around since middle school... umm, should I say that was in the 80's or does it just being ESPRIT give it away?? But look at that cute stitching I added to it, ah, creative even then. :-)

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Our growing family said...

Great idea! I do like to have some plastic bags around to use, but most of them I don't need-maybe one day I can make some! =) If you do make some you will have to show us!