Friday, August 22, 2008

Outdoor Clean-up

Oh, the magnificence of a teenager! We hired a couple teenagers to help us get our (not so) white fence cleaned so we (well, they...) could paint it.

Check out the progress just by cleaning!!

So it was a little green and gunky! Tell us something we didn't know!Big D has been replacing old, rotted posts this year and they will need to be painted. So we figured we better clean the rest of it (around the house people - not the entire five acres... yet!!!) So had cleaned on Tuesday and figured on painting on Friday, but this rain has really soaked the boards. We really had some good downpours last night (Wednesday). Don't think they will be dry by Friday.

Oh, and did I show you the other marvelous project we have coming up?? Yeah, a dump truck load of soil. I am so excited (for those teenagers) to get it in the new flowerbeds and (yet to be marked off) herb garden/patio area. Oh, to have a nice flower bed area again. Wait have I had on of those yet? Did I say nice? Well, at least to have one I can think about. Can't wait to get those garden/flower books out of the storage unit!! Arrgh.

OK, hope I can hang some laundry today!! :-)

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