Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mighty's 2 Month Appt.

So, at Mighty's 2 month appt (at 2 months + 1.5 wks) here are his stats:
16 lb 3 oz
24 3/8" long

...yep, a big guy! I think this is usually at least 4 months old, more like 6 months. I guess he'll be tall like his daddy! He is still off the seizure meds - no "episodes" for quite some time now. He is on the reflux med still, but we are going to try and eliminate the middle of the day dose and see what happens. If he does well w/o much spitting up or gagging, we will take off the first dose of the day in about two weeks. It doesn't seem to be a bad med for him to be on, but I would like to get rid of it if he doesn't need it.
He is such a good and happy/normal baby so far! He loves "talking" to his brothers and sister. He likes to kick around on his back on the floor and in his bouncy seat. He is trying to move his hands to get at the toys hanging in front of him and tries to hold his hand in front of his face just to look at sometimes. He does well with tummy time, but gets bored with it. I have started putting him in the exersaucer for something different during the day, but he is a little uncoordinated for it still.


Our growing family said...

wow! he is going to be a big boy! love it!
so glad he is doing so well!

Annie said...

He's so cute Jenny! And isn't it nice when the older kids help out?

My neice just had a new babe - a boy!