Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mmmm... Dinner

Mmmmm... Chicken pot pie
The easy way with canned soups and veggies.
(I know, it could easily be done healthier, but this got done and tasted great.)
I used these nifty tiny cutters to add "flair" to the top of the pie. Really, really quick and easy to do, just use the excess crust, roll it out again a little thinner, cut your shapes and lay them on top. You can seal them down a little by first dabbing a bit of water on the back of the shapes if necessary. I also did a light egg white wash on top of the pie to help with browning.
Especially yummy when served with an excellent dark green salad on the side.

OH, and yummy Oatmeal chocolate chips for dessert! ;-)

I guess yummy was the word of the day! I did get a little healthier in that I made the pie crust partially with whole wheat flour and some wheat germ. I also substituted some wheat flour and wheat germ to the cookies as well. Yum!
This is also the perfect meal to bless someone else with, which is exactly what I did. It is so easy to make two pies at once. I brought one (and a salad, and cookies) to a family that just had their fourth baby (a sweet little girl after three boys!) I also have had good experiences freezing these pies as well, so always good to make two pies and either give one away or freeze to use later.

Thank you again, to those who blessed us with meals while we were having problems with Michael! It was sure a blessing to us, and I am glad I am able to help others again in this way now that we are back on our feet.